How Students Use Tech

Sarah Kessler’s article on how students use technology in school was quite interesting. I’m not sure if I should be upset with the fact that I can’t disconnect from technology or if I should simply accept and embrace it. My computer has become a huge part of my life. I’ve been on one since they’ve pretty much existed and I don’t see myself unplugging anytime soon. I’m a Digital Technology and Culture major, I produce music, I create short films, I design websites, and I do all of this from my computer. So yea, I’m basically in front of my laptop every single day. And when I’m not in front of my laptop I have my iPhone and Siri to take care of all my needs for me. Growing up around technology I can agree that I have benefited from it as a student quite a bit. I’m currently learning another language on my laptop, I watch videos on topics I don’t understand, and any question I can come up with can be answered by google (there’ll probably be a video on it too). Technology has made my life as a student not only easier but much more interactive. It comes to me as no surprise that so many students are staying connected.


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