What Can Social Media Tell Us About American Society

With all the social networking sites that are readily available Americans have become more connected than ever before.

I feel like one of the reasons I dislike social media is due to the fact that I’m tired of scrolling through all the garbage that people are posting nowadays. I understand the benefits of social media, and that being able to connect with people from all around the world is something that would be impossible just a few generations ago. However, it seems somewhat meaningless when all we talk about is celebrity gossip, TV shows, and what we’re thinking of eating for dinner. You might think you’re special, or that your posts matter, but according to Ben Parr’s article it’s apparent that Americans have a lot to say about pretty much nothing. Not that there isn’t any potential for social media to be something meaningful, but there’s a reason why Snookie’s baby keeps coming up on my newsfeed and fighting world hunger doesn’t.


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