Sociable Media

It’s not rocket science, there are a number of different forms of communication and each have their own style. The two main ones being sociable media and mediated communication.

According to the article, “Sociable media is media that enhances communication and the formation of social ties among people.” Examples of these are basically any social networking site or virtual community. The important thing to note however is that sociable media is direct. On the contrary, mediated communication is done through, you guessed it, some kind of medium. It can be anything from your phone, to email, to writing a letter. Basically, this form of communication is more indirect and takes longer.

Within these two means of communication are also two way’s of writing, those being asynchronous and synchronous. Asynchronous is typically more formal and is an indirect form of communication. Indirect in the sense that only one of the members of the conversation are “talking.” Email is a perfect example of this type of communication.¬†Synchronous communication however is in the moment and “live.” It’s more informal and closer to talking someone face-to-face than asynchronous communication. AIM or Facebook chat are great examples of this. Everyone is engaged in the conversation at that moment and less formality is used.

Each form of communication is different and internet users will often find themselves jumping back and forth between each type.


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