The Heart Of “The Well”

I’m not sure how effective virtual communities are anymore when it comes to helping people in need (if they ever were to begin with). I guess I simply don’t view the internet as a positive place like some others do. But how wrong could I be.

Hypothetically, if i had a life threatening disease that I couldn’t afford to fight on my own, I honestly couldn’t see myself getting much help from people on the internet. I suppose I could make a website with my face on the homepage, explain my sob story and ask for donations. But how many times did that ever work for anyone? I mean, I’ve seen World Wildlife Fund commercials on TV countless times but I’ve never actually done anything to help. Or what about the ads for sponsoring a child in Africa? Basically what I’m trying to say is that I think people on the internet really wouldn’t care about me. In my opinion people are on the internet to post meaningless things about themselves and look at cute pictures. Have you seen a teacup kitten omg!


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