Personal Mediated Communication

The relationship between technology and community has steadily grown more and more ubiquitous, but is this a good thing? The exponential growth in technology over the past few decades has changed the way we now go about our daily lives, as well as how we interact with those around us. We now can check our email, post on Facebook and Twitter, surf the web, even order a pizza, anywhere we go. Our recent capability to keep connected has caused quite the stir for those who valued community without the interruptions of technology. I agree that I find it inappropriate to be constantly on your phone. It’s all too common to see a group of people texting and on Facebook rather than socializing with themselves. Although technology has strongly impacted the way our community works, I believe technology has done more good than harm. Being able to check my Maps for hotspots around Florence has been extremely helpful, as well as my capability to quickly look up words I need translated into Italian. Even being able to post photos and videos on the web from my phone has been helpful. I don’t find technology to be a bad thing, I simply believe people need to be more respectful towards one and another and realize when it’s inappropriate to be on your phone.


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