Beyond Bowling Together: Socio-Technical Capital

Times, they are a-changin’.  People are no longer joining bowling leagues. Church attendance has hit an all time low. Families no longer sit down for dinner together. What on Earth has happened? Paul Resnick can tell you. The cause of all these horrible tragedies is without a doubt the direct result of the internet.

Listen, ages ago when there was no internet people actually did things other than stare at a screen. They actually physically moved themselves from their homes and participated in clubs, organizations, sports, charities, churches, whatever seemed most interesting. In today’s world that all has changed hasn’t it? We no longer need to move to do anything. Nowadays, anything we desire can be administered from the palms of our hands. Food, social interaction, clubs, family ties, religion, everything can now be delivered via. the internet.

So what happened? Paul Resnick believes that the reason behind all this is due to a shift in “social capital.” People got out of their homes before the internet simply because there was social capital in the activities they were doing. Basically, those activities held “social relations that produced benefits.” Going out meant meeting people, being a part of something, learning something new, making a discovery. With the rise of the internet however all these benefits could be met with your phone, computer, gaming system, you name it. People aren’t joining bowling leagues anymore simply because nowadays we can fulfill our social bowling needs online, with the entire world!


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