“We All Hit Play”

Legendary electronic dance music (EDM) producer, Deadmau5 (dead mouse), posted a rather controversial article on his blog about what it is EDM artists do on stage.

“It’s no secret. When it comes to “live” performance of EDM – It’s not about performance art, it’s not about talent either (really its not). I think given about 1 hour of instruction, anyone with minimal knowledge of Ableton and music tech in general could do what im doing at a Deadmau5 concert.” – Deadmau5

In the article, Deadmau5 admits to “twiddlin a knob or somethin” while on stage. I don’t necessarily find anything wrong with the way he goes about his live “performances,” however, I feel it was wrong of him to make general statements that all artists in the genre perform in the same way. I’ve been a DJ and music producer for over 10 years. I’ve performed in front of thousands of people alongside artists such as Tech Ni9e, Macklemore, Milkman, 3’OH’3, and many more. With my experience alone I can confidently say that not all EDM artists simply “hit a spacebar” when on stage.

If you’ve never seen a Deadmau5 concert before then now is your chance. However, my question to you is whether or not you would still go to his concert knowing he’s not really doing anything under that mouse head? I would probably still enjoy going to one of his shows, but knowing he’s not really doing anything is like hearing Aretha Franklin lip-syncing to your favorite songs.

Deadmau5 Concert:

Other EDM Videos (from artist that actually perform live):


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