Alpha Users And Communities In Politics

The article Communities Dominate Brands describes a series of events throughout a 2004 Spanish election where social media played a critical role in the outcome of an election. With the U.S. presidential election just around the corner I’m interested in seeing just how influential social media has been for Americans this year. All around me I’ve been bombarded with posts, updates, and headlines regarding the election and its two candidates. What’s most annoying however, is that every four years absolutely everyone has become an expert on politics, how this phenomenon occurs I do not know. Regardless, I feel that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and every other media outlet have played a massive role in the election. Candidates spend absolutely ridiculous amounts of money on advertising and it’s all because social media works, we know it does because we’ve seen it work in elections before. In my opinion however, all these posts and updates have become too much to handle and therefore become background “noise” on my newsfeed. Practically everything that is related to politics I completely ignore. Why? Because I feel like every 4 years social media becomes a haven for people to voice their uneducated opinions and take part in the popularity contest that is politics. Not to say social media doesn’t play a role in the election, it certainly does, I’m just simply one of the many who’s not easily persuaded by a 150 character status update.


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