The Daily We

People seem to want everything split right down the middle, black/white, democrat/republican, with us/against us. This mindset of having everything so arbitrarily divided has created a phenomenon called The Daily We. In short, this phenomenon is when people are only exposed to the same thoughts or ideas as their own and results in people becoming extremists of their own opinions, unwilling to consider a different position. The same goes for groups as well. “Group polarization” is simply the occurrence of a group of of like-minded individuals surrounding themselves with one sided ideas which then become extremist. Obviously, staying unexposed to other people’s thoughts and ideas is just asking for trouble, and luckily for us we have the internet as our portal to knowledge all around the world. But is the internet promoting diversity or defying it? I’ve discovered that the internet is a place filled with absolutely everything, good and bad. However, how I use the internet is up to me. I could choose to only expose myself to like minded ideas and stay closed off from the rest of the world just as easily as I could embrace the diversity found all over the web. I believe that the internet is an amazing tool in which one could use for better or for worse, how ever one chooses to utilize the great potential behind the internet is completely up to them.


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