Mind To Mind: Life On Screen

I believe technology will undoubtedly become so efficient that we won’t know the difference between what is “real” and what is not. However, the thought around hiding behind another virtual identity (or three) I feel will eventually diminish as technology becomes exponentially more advanced. I believe this because in the near future there will be more reason to step away from the computer due to the fact that computers will be everywhere, and in everything. As technology becomes more ubiquitous the notion of physically using a computer will be reversed, the computer will come to you. Thus, I feel that people will stop sitting in front of a desk or hide within another virtual world, simply because there will be so much more to do away from the computer then ever before. What it all comes down to is boredom, and I believe people browse the web for countless hours simply because they have nothing better to do. Just watch these videos and you’ll get what I mean. THE FUTURE IS NOW!


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