The People Formally Known As The Audience

Everyone seems to have an opinion these days. That never-ending lust to have your voice heard when accompanied with the internet is simply a disaster waiting to happen (this blog for example.) The media has changed. Any yahoo can post absolutely anything for the world to see. My pointless Facebook status about the weather, my Tweet directed towards someone in the same room, my trolling comments on YouTube, my Instagram’ed Italian dinner. For as long as the internet exists the list of ridiculous things we The People Formally Known As The Audience will never cease to end. Jay Rosen talks about how the public has changed from a viewing audience to one where everyone’s talking, sharing, producing, for better or for worse. In my opinion the internet is a fantastic place to gather and share information, it’s changed the world we see it today. However, the fact of the matter is anyone can post anything, whether it’s valid or not, credible or fabricated, original or photoshopped, it’s our job as the people formally known as the audience to tell the difference


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