Virtual Rape Is Traumatic, But Is It A Crime?

Is virtual rape a crime? In Regina Lynn’s article police investigated a rape – in Second Life. When I read this article I was just as shocked as I was amused and confused. I kept thinking, how could one possibly be raped inside a video game? Although the online world has become more advanced, and therefore more real, I still can’t justify the thought that being raped virtually is the same as being raped physically. I’m worried that the victim of the Second Life rape as described in the article is using the wrong word to describe the situation. If virtual rape were to be punishable by law what would happen? I think virtual rape is more along the lines of cyber bullying and should be “legally” treated as such. However, I do not believe cyber rape is the same as real rape. Rape is a terrible act which has life changing consequences and I feel that for someone to say they’ve been raped in Second Life is a slap to the face for those who’ve actually experienced this traumatic event physically.


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