The Trouble With The Echo Chamber Online

The Echo Chamber is something we as internet users cannot avoid. Everything is now connected, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, YouTube, Apple, everything. With all the free information i’m continually throwing at these big name companies it comes as no surprise that i’ve become a victim of the Echo Chamber. I check my Facebook and there I find to the right an advertisement that seems to know exactly what i’m interested in. My YouTube commercials are based on where I am in the world and my google search results are based on things specifically “fit for me.” So what does this all mean? Is it a bad thing that my internet experience is more personal? I think some personalization is nice since there have been a few times where an advertisement, which clearly was custom fit for me, has proven itself successful (i clicked on it). However, I feel that a personal online experience may be limiting my potential for discovering new things outside of my realm. Suppose I don’t know I love secretly love country music (I don’t) well based on the information i’ve given to google, non of which being country music related, I would have no chance of coming across something that could change my music taste completely. So is personalization bad? Not necessarily, but it would be nice to see something random every once in a while. The internet knowing everything about me is a little creepy.


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